Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goodwill Revamp

weater make-over

I got this cardigan from Goodwill.  It needed a little love before I could wear it.  It was too boxy and stretched out.  I took in the seems, armpits, and arms.  I changed the buttons from cheap plastic ones, to pretty, classy ones.  I also plan on embellishing the neckline, but I am waiting for the right inspiration.  I think that I am going to add little pink flowers, like the picture I posted on the inspiration page.

Cheap old buttons, although they do look very artistic sitting in the sun.

New Purse Style!


leated Round Bag

I made a new purse pattern yesterday!  It was so quick, that I want to make more.  Plus, I used fabrics that I already had, so it helped reduce my stock.  (I am trying really hard to not buy new fabrics until I have used what I have stocked up.) I am fairly satisfied with how it turned out and I made a few, small adjustments to make it better for next time.   I also hope to make more of these this summer as not only a stash-buster, but also for Etsy.
I like the surprise lining, too.  I especially like the magnetic snap!  These are a new discovery of mine, and I plan on using them very often!

Finished Baby Outfit



So, I finally finished the rest of the Danielle's baby matching outfit for little Zoe!  Here's the headband that goes with the dress.  I don't have too much to say in this post, but I do love Spring Break because it gives me the time to do most things that I can't usually fit in.

Baby Present


lower Bib

I made this quick little bib for a teacher new baby at my school.  It was from a pattern I accumulated at a 99 cents sale at JoAnn.  I used scraps that I had from various projects.  The pink and black were from my cousin Leah's apron, and the purple was left over from my wedding.  This was a quick project!  I hope to make more to put in my Etsy shop.

I made Pico De Gato model the bib, too.  

Speaking of my Etsy Shop, Dan said that he felt like a "Sad Etsy Boyfriend."