Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exit Ticket Poster

I've seen a bunch of methods to manage exit tickets on Pinterest.  I chose to make a poster.  I used pre-cut colored note 3.25" x 3.25" paper for each of the squares.  I numbered each square with a printed number and circle 1-35. (My biggest class is 33 kids!)  I printed letters to cut out and color to glue at the top.  I also decorated it all stickers!  I will have it laminated before I use it in class.
To implement this system, I plan to use desk numbers and post-it notes.  I have each desk numbered for seating charts.  Using a desk number, I think it will be easier to see who has and has not turned in a ticket.  I won't have to worry about remembering each student's number.  So, on their post-it note, students will write their name, the question, and then their answer.  I'll have a student collect them before the next class starts, and I'll clip them together.  I should be able to go through them quickly, and then hand them back the next day.

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