Monday, April 26, 2010

First attempt at pattern making


RANGE APRON - first attempt at pattern making

This apron was for my sister-in-law Allison, as a belated birthday present. This was my first attempt at drawing a pattern. It was hard! The general apron pattern was from another wonderful book from Allison, titled A is for Apron. I love it! As you can tell, I like making aprons, but I only had one pattern. This book has 20 or so more patterns. The hard part, is that they are drawn to be enlarged on a copy machine, something I could not do at 10pm in Farmville. So, I decided that I would take the measurements, try and do some math to make a scale, and then I would instantly have a pattern. 20 minutes and failed math attempts later, I decided that I would freestyle the pattern. I drew the thing the best I could, cut it out, and hoped for the best. I think parts were a little smaller than I would have liked, but in general I really like it. I think I like pattern making enough to attempt to design some pieces this summer, on my clearance dress form I just ordered. Those attempts will be blogs in themselves.

Back to my orange apron, I used bias tape for the edges. I also purchased an accent fabric for the pockets. This fabric was hand-screened in Australia. I got it off of Etsy. There is also a bird appliqu├ęd to the top middle. From far away it looks like a rooster, but up close it is a dainty little bird.

Various Commissions


Here are 2 commissions from the Klines. First they asked me to make a table cloth for their Thanksgiving meal. They picked out the fabric and told me the measurements. From there, I put together a square. (My mom helped me since I waited until the last minute and there was a deadline...) I got lucky that it turned out as well-fitting as it did! I also bought a new foot for my sewing machine for this project. The special foot rolls hems as I go, making it SO MUCH EASIER to do a nice hem. It also looks really professional. (I use it on all the aprons now.)

The second project was an impulse while they were purchasing the table cloth fabric. Due to my school schedule, Kevin had to wait a while to get it. I finally got it done, though! From Kevin's wish, it's a Hokie/Redskins blanket. It has a fleece Redskin logo on one side, and it is backed with a cotton Hokie Print. Even though I wouldn't have matched those fabrics, it's a fun blanket. I think it turned out fine. It's at least functional and spirited!

Baby Mei Tei backpack


This is a baby backpack. It's hard to see how it works here, but you tie the straps around you, and baby can sit inside either facing you or away from you, and on mom's stomach or back. This particular sling was made for Dan's/my cousin Caitlin, who just had little twins! I am a Great Aunt now. Anyway, I heat it's pretty comfortable once baby is in it. I just love the poka-dot fabric. It is a heavy decor weight, and I found it on clearance. The brown neck guard is a soft fleece, so it is okay for the baby to be against it. I think I have enough of this fabricto make one more with it. So, whoever has the next baby will probably get one!

Pot holders


ot Holders

I made these pot holders for the same girl that received the yellow apron. The apron was a shower present, and the pot holders went along with her wedding present. This was my first attempt cutting and sewing together triangles and quilting them. I think it turned out nicely! I learned my lesson though, that it loses size quickly, that is why one is bigger than the other. The second one I made turned out bigger because I learned my size lessons. I also used the appropriate heat insulation, but it I did not test it. I hope Emily and her new hubby don't burn their hands! Yikes!

I got the idea from a book my wonderful sister-in-law gave me for my birthday. I would highly recommend it; it's called One Yard Wonders. Check it out! The best part about the book is that it has patterns with it!

apron with ribbon trim


pron with ribbon trim
I made this apron for my good friend Emily. Her favorite color is yellow, and I just loved this print. I had fun trimming the edges with ribbon. I actually ran out of ribbon part way through the sewing. I sent Dan to WM with a sample, and he came back victorious. What a good husband!