7/28/12 ~ I love how this purse uses the straps to create pockets between the two layers of fabric. I'll make it bigger for a teacher bag!

6/15/11 ~ This Anthropologie pillow is just dazzling!  I can't wait to make it using all of the tiny scraps I've been saving "for the right thing to come along..."

Made July, 2011

2/21/11 ~ I love this cute cardigan embellishment.  I have a purple cardi that I got from Goodwill; I already resized and refurbished it.  I think cute little pink and white flowers would look good on it, and possibly in varying shades.

1/14/11 ~  From the same blog, I saw an older post that I hadn't seen yet.  I like this style of dress, but I think I won't include a big ruffle.

1/1/11 ~ I love this tank top, and I think I will try to make a smaller day...