Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strategies for Good Readers Poster

I recently decided that I would create a page for my teacher posts.  That was fine, but it wasn't creating them as separate posts.  I want to have a "pin it" button per post, as opposed to per page.  So, I'm just going to merge my school makings with my home makings.  They are both "makings," right?

This summer I was lucky enough to go to an Interactive Reading and Notetaking workshop with some co-workers.  We attended the general one last year, but this one was specified for reading.  There is a focus on applying strategies, which is a tested skill in 7th grade.  The given strategies list was a blend between the creator of Interactive Reading and Notetaking's work and the research from Mosaic of Thought by S. Zimmerman and E. Keene.  I added a few things here or there.  The color is one thing; everything needs a little color!  You can find a copy at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.