Monday, September 12, 2011

Gadgets need cozy homes!

iPhone pouch

Every new gadget needs a cozy home in which to live.  When I got my iPhone (for the games), I immediately drafted a pattern and made it a pouch.  (Well, as soon as I could.  I had to wrap it in muslin for a couple days until I made my pouch pattern and was able to make it.  It looked like a mummy, and I looked like a dork.)

I made my own bias tape for it from pleated bag leftovers, and used some coordinating fabric I had picked up on clearance at Joann's.  I created a pocket for my headphones, so I can have them on hand when I want to use it as an iPod.

I also got some clear vinyl for the ID holder.  It's a good grab-and-go pouch!

Anyway, this little pouch keeps my iPhone scratch free.  I like to think that my phone and pouch are BFFs.  I know that I am personifying these inanimate objects too much, but I really like them.

I made another one to sell,but it took a long time.  I think I am going to add a wristlet on the next ones I make.  I think they would be good for my Etsy store!

A Birthday and Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve with matching Accessory Pouch

My dear friend Lorin had a birthday recently, and I made her a laptop sleeve and a matching computer accessory pouch.  I bought pre-quilted, double-sided fabric to use.  I got a half yard, which left me with enough left over to make an accessory pouch.  (I even have a little bit left!)  As you can see, it's the same fabric I used when I made a tote bag in the spring. 

I have made laptop pouches twice before, but this was the first set with a matching pouch.  I thought the pouch would be good for the charger, USB drive, headphones, etc.  I want to go back and make one for my other two sleeves!  One day...

It closes with velcro.  I couldn't find sew-in, navy blue velcro in town, so I had to settle on black.  Although it is taboo to mix black and navy, it surprisingly looked better than white or tan.

I used purple bias tape for the edging.  I also used it to cover my zipper and side seams in the pouch.   This is a view of the inside, so you can see the bias tape.  

And here's a close-up with some accessories.

I think it looks nice with the laptop peeking out.

Anyway,  I think it turned out very nice.  I might try and sell them! :)