Friday, February 5, 2010

Knitted baby hats

These are some baby hats I knitted. They are addicting! They go so quickly since they are so small. It's also a good project when you don't have a full skein of yarn. I had some light-weight green and white yarn, which I used in the green and while hat. I love making the pom-poms for the top!

Paint Brush Holder

aint Brush Holder

Although recently I've been on a sewing kick, I also like to paint. This is a roll-up brush holder. I used to have all of my brushes in a plastic bin. This way, they are more organized and the bristles don't get smashed. This fabric was left over from a t-shirt quilt my mom and I made. Pictures of that to come later.

More Aprons

More aprons! The blue flowered apron on top was the first one I made. I made it for my friend Alice's wedding shower. The green paisley on was for my friend Alisa's birthday. They are really fun and easy to make. I added a second pocket to the green one.

More Purses

Here are the gifts my mom and I made for my 4 bridesmaids! It was so fun picking out fabric and colors that I thought represented their personalities and lives. This is the same pattern as the other bag I have posted, but these are slightly bigger. We also made one for my aunt who did my wedding makeup. Her's was pink and gray.

Knit Dress


I made this dress from a cute pattern. It's almost done, but it needs some re-structuring and a zipper. The knit fabric is really soft, but it was hard to layout and cut. It made gathering really easy. I think I'm going to try another one with some cap sleeves and contrasting knit for the bands.

Smaller version of the Bow-tucks Purse



This is one of 6 purse bags that I've made. My mom-in-law first made me one, and graciously gave me the pattern. This particular purse is an altered pattern, and it is slightly smaller than the original. It has ties on the side to tuck and a pocket on each side. It has a third batik fabric on the inside.




I made this apron for my cousin Leah's Christmas present. It was not the first apron I made, but it was the first one with contrasting fabrics. I like how it turned out. Leah really liked it, too!