Monday, April 26, 2010

Various Commissions


Here are 2 commissions from the Klines. First they asked me to make a table cloth for their Thanksgiving meal. They picked out the fabric and told me the measurements. From there, I put together a square. (My mom helped me since I waited until the last minute and there was a deadline...) I got lucky that it turned out as well-fitting as it did! I also bought a new foot for my sewing machine for this project. The special foot rolls hems as I go, making it SO MUCH EASIER to do a nice hem. It also looks really professional. (I use it on all the aprons now.)

The second project was an impulse while they were purchasing the table cloth fabric. Due to my school schedule, Kevin had to wait a while to get it. I finally got it done, though! From Kevin's wish, it's a Hokie/Redskins blanket. It has a fleece Redskin logo on one side, and it is backed with a cotton Hokie Print. Even though I wouldn't have matched those fabrics, it's a fun blanket. I think it turned out fine. It's at least functional and spirited!

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