Thursday, January 30, 2014

Washable Swiffer "Onefills"

I am pretty conscious of my ecological footprint.  Unsure about yours?  You can take this quiz. (I've taken wayyyy too many quizzes over Snowfest and Snowfest Dos and this is the most serious.  Others are titled, "Which Harry Potter Character are You?" and even the meta-level "Which Buzzfeed Quiz are You?")  Anyway, I love reusable items.  Today I made something that I've been meaning to for a long time!  I made reusable swiffer items!!!  I made a duster "onefill" using this pattern, and a slip-on sweeper pad. (They aren't refills because I'll just use the one from now on.)  I read that the fleece is not the best of dusters, but it'll be a start. In any case, it's progress in at converting more items in my house into sustainable options.

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