Sunday, January 29, 2012


Vera Copy ~ Lunchbox

My friend Kristin has a cute Vera lunchbox that I often envy while we eat.  I made a lunchbox a while ago, but the pattern was a lot bigger than I thought, and it turned out a little big.  (I have not posted that project, because there are too many flaws.  Maybe one day.)  So, I had a shape in mind, and I sketched a picture.  I figured out all of the measurements, and even though I doubted my math a couple times, it came together perfectly.  That happens so infrequently, I have to boast when it does!  

I used my new walking foot from mom2 to quilt the outer fabric to the inner fabric with the thermal lining in it.  It was so nice!  With a standard foot, the fabric puckers as it pulls the two pieces.  The dual foot didn't pull at all, and I didn't even have to pin the fabric together!  It was like magic! :)

I put a zipper in it, a pocket in the back, some piping, and a vinyl name-tag window.  I LOVE how it turned out.  There is not one thing I would change. It took a long time to cut, fuse, quilt, and sew, but all the details make it well worth it.

 Here is the lining.

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  1. looks great! All the little details really make it perfect.